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Namida wo nagashite shimaeba... - MASK [english translation]

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Aug. 12th, 2007 | 11:40 am
posted by: wagamamako in futatsu_sekai

When the tears fall we would realized that
it's already not possible to meet
Desperately, we face the sky and smile

"It's already impossible for us to return to that time, isn't it?"
If you were to cry, I would clench my fists

~A year later~

One day, a letter reached me
One year of separation has passed...

"Are you fine?"
"Did you get a cold or anything?"
"The song...do you enjoy singing it?"

"I have finally grown accustomed to being alone?
I'm still a little lonely though...
Because I'm not waiting for you anymore
please continue singing...always..."

I closed my arms around that letter...
I'm frightened of continuing...
I realized that if my tears fell then it would be impossible to meet...

It was a gift from a liar...you...
It was the last letter from a courageous you

It's lonesome...
Actually you wanted to cry right?
There are traces of tears in the letter...
Acually you were also lonely, weren't you?
If so then why?

Alone, were you afraid?
I wanted to say that...I still love you
So? Why is it?

~Declaration of the end of our relationship~

Tears flowed...I wonder if we can't meet anymore?
Despite the fact that tears flowed I look up at the sky in desperation
Tears flowed...I realize that we can't meet anymore...
Like our drama,
Our love declared its end quietly...


Right now, I'm singing.
Our beautiful memories...will someday...
I believe we will meet someday
This song which is sung for you
"Will it reach you?"
"Will you hear it?"

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